You can see the heat move through

Ever have one of those times were you are so on at whatever it is you're doing, you get that warm feeling that you're right on top of your game? Sometimes they call that being in the zone. Last night I was so in the zone ... last night I was smokin' ... had you looked at me, I'm just guessing, you could have seen the heat move through.

Why? Well, I learned a new trick with my camera last night at Andyman's Treehouse, where I was hanging out talking to friends, and listening to the acoustic styling of Ryan Cox and his awesome acoustic tribute to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" ... basically, dude sat down, played side one of the album, acoustically, on guitar. Took a break, played side two. He's doing what's called a showcase - same show, same day, same place - it's every Tuesday in March. You have one chance left. Be there, cause I can't be.

Anyway, here are a couple of examples of just how the heat was moving through me last night (click each photo for a larger image):

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Mom said...

Great Pictures gee I always knew you were good guess this proves it.