I am reflecting on suitcases

I am reflecting on suitcases ... and moving boxes.

I've been on the road a lot this month. And last month. And the months before that. In a year, I've put nearly 40,000 miles on my car. I drive.

A lot.

I like it. The solitude is nice. It's a welcome part of me - the aloneness, the simplicity of driving, the road, the music. The sights, the scenes. I'm the guy who'll drive six hours to see something he likes, then drive six hours home (hello Swigtooth at "The Garage" in Winston-Salem, NC, in October).

I like being alone because I've spent most of my life on the outside.

Originally because we moved around a lot when I was a kid. I went to five school systems in 13 years (one twice; half of kindergarten, then half of 6th, 7th, 8th, and part of 9th). All told, I went to school in 9 different buildings, the longest - three years, 10th-12th grade, so making friends and keeping friends was hard.

Now I find myself on the outside by choice.

I like it there. I have a few close friends ... and the distance they live from me makes no difference in my life. Because that nomadic spirit never left me. I've lived a lot of places. While I've lived most of my life in Ohio, I have lived in three other states (Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania), and lived in the Virgin Islands for a bit.

In Ohio, I've lived in or around Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Youngstown and Pittsburgh. The longest stay at one address was when I was married - that was five years.

I've more than made up for that in the past 25 months. I've moved FIVE times since September 2004.

Seriously. Twice for work, three times for personal reasons (read: Love, or the lack thereof!)
  • 2004-09-03 - moved from New Castle to Leetsdale. (Personal)
  • 2005-01-09 - moved from Leetsdale to the near east side of Columbus. (Job)
  • 2005-04-15 - moved from the near east side of Columbus to Reynoldsburg. (Personal)
  • 2005-10-30 - moved from Reynoldsburg to the north side of Columbus. (Personal)
  • 2006-10-18 - moved from Columbus to Niles. (Job)
As I'm creeping closer to 40, and realize my life is a third over (thank you Drew Hastings.), as I said to a dear friend the other day, I starting to think I'm ready to sell my camels.

I just don't feel up to starting over again, again.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm 27, and I've only renewed a lease once since I moved out of my parents home at age 18. In fact, I've lived in 10 different places in the last 9 years, the longest of which was for 24 months, the shortest, 3 months.

I'd say I know where you're coming from.

Cindy said...

*raises hand* 4 different high schools......5 different times. Most in the Columbus area, but one year in Kansas City. (Great city btw)
*grin* One of these days we're gonna have to make of list of similarities.