I love technology. Really.

So I'm the PBOC this week (that's primary bitch on call) ... and it's been an interesting week.

But also, tonight, Saturday night, is a UFC fight. And I loves me some mixed martial arts.

But I'm not paying $40 to buy it and watch alone, at home, when I can spend half that, have a crowd in the room, and get fed.

So I took my phone, my laptop and my MMA lovin' ass to BW3's in Austintown because they have big screen TV's, damn good food, decent beer (Blue Moon on tap) and Wi-Fi access.

And yep, I'm here. Plugged in, connected to the office, with the phone, at the ready, waiting to solve the world's problems while watching the ass-kicking that is the UFC.

Yeah, I love technology.

Geek-boy - OUT.

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