I’m not in such a hurry to call you tonight

Because you are one of the knobs on my learning team.

Welcome to the first post of a writing assignment I created for me to work off of the ideas of others. Basically, I've taken a song I love, listed the lyrics line by line, and am going to write a blog entry somehow relating the line to something going on in my life.

Forcing my topic de jour to conform to someone else's title.

And I have to do it in the first line.

How's that for a writing challenge?

So why am I doing this? So when I look at the month of March 2007 in my blog title dropdown, I'll have the full and complete lyrics to a song. Cool, eh?

Yeah, cause I'm nerdy like that.

Anyway, we got our learning assignments today. I should have known this was coming, but I was put in a group with this genius woman who said computers have been around for centuries ... and the guy who said this:
"The Loveletter virus of 2000 which impacted many mainframes, personal hard drives and businesses caused Congress to institute this act."
(This act being the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Which deals with corporate accounting in publicly owned companies hoping to regulate full disclosure to prevent another Enron. Not a virus out break. But it gets better - or worse - depending on how dumb you can make yourself:)
"Further acts such as 9/11, identity theft and hackers were also a factor in creating this ACT."
WHAT THE FUCK? Hackers, identity theft and Arabs crashing planes into buildings kick-started the corporate accounting transparency laws? I guess school is educational. Cause when I read the required articles I saw mention of all of those things as issues facing corporations; but nowhere did I see they were inherently responsible for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Damn.

Reading is fun-duh-mental.

No, I'm not in such a hurry, to call you, either of you, tonight.

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