There are endings to all things

There are endings to all things ... including my week here in Columbus. Training has been quite informative, educational and frustrating at the same time. This could totally be a three day class. But it's five. So there's downtime and drag in the class, and inefficiency drives me crazy.

Anyway ... tonight I'm heading out to see Two Cow Garage at Andyman's Treehouse, which, to me, is the perfect way to end the week, and a grand finale to my final week in Columbus. Tomorrow morning I wake up, put Columbus in my rear view mirror (again) and head north to Norwalk to help my mom move back to Niles.

Don't get me wrong ... I've enjoyed my week in Columbus. It was nice hanging out with old friends, meeting some new friends, hunting midgets with Brian and making two trips to both the Funny Bone (Drew Hastings, Jake Johannsen) and Andyman's Treehouse (Ryan Cox, Two Cow Garage).

But as I said earlier this week, the love I used to feel for this city is gone. Just gone. I spent a lot of time driving around this week, old neighborhoods, new neighborhoods, uptown, downtown, east and west. And I just wasn't feeling it. I don't see myself spending any more long weekends here hanging out. Coming down for shows, yes (Aaron Tashjian, April 6th, at the Treehouse; Cinco de Mayo with Watershed [that's on May 5th for you Gringos] if they have it, and they better; Comfest, June 22-24, for sure!)

It wasn't all bad ... I had a couple of great offers to do photography ... one wedding, two albums and three personal shoots. And yeah, I'm not a big fan of wedding photography, but these two crazy kids are worth the work. Granted, I'll have to drive to Tiffin in June of 2008 ... and while I'm a busy guy, I'm not too busy to schedule that far out.

But yeah, weddings aside, quite possibly, coming soon to a wrecka sto near you (shout out to my Prince "Under The Cherry Moon" fans), me fulfilling one of my life-long dreams - having a credited photo in an album. I don't care if it's the cover, or the inside shot ... I've always wanted a photo credit on an album. That could possibly happen this year! With one or both musicians who asked.

So on Saturday, I'll be back in Niles. Ready to find things to do there. And stop looking 183 miles southwest.

Endings to all things, indeed.

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