To wait to know what I feel like

Well, I was able to eat last night. And not have issues. So no longer do I have to wait to know what I feel like.

I feel better.

I'm back at work, too. And that's good.

Going to have some Mexican tonight ... haven't had Mexican since Mad Mex in Columbus back in November. In fact, this is my first foray into the Mexican food world in an area not all that populated by Mexicans.

But I hear it's good.

Well, the writing exercise is going well. I'm finding ways to tie things together. And I was thinking that the end of this song would be harder than the start ... so far it's turning out to be just the opposite - the end is coming quite easy.

What's funny about it is until I used the Tim Easton lyric "Lookin good but feeling rough" as the blog title I had only ever really *thought* about doing something like this. I'm pretty happy with the concept and the results, so far.

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