Being in love is so Punk Rock

I just love how I feel these days.

I hope everyone finds this solid of a connection, someday.


Comfest 2010 Schedule

For those of you wondering ... here's my Comfest Schedule for 2010.

BOLD are the definite shows I'm hitting ... the rest are artists I'd like to see.

Friday (Time --Band --Stage)
12:00 -- Acoustic House -- Flow -- Gazebo
12:45 -- Bronson Bunny Deathwish -- Off Ramp
12:55 -- Angela Perley -- Gazebo
1:15 -- Rain -- Solar
1:55 -- Saturday Giant -- Gazebo
2:55 -- Lydia Loveless -- Gazebo
3:45 -- Phantods -- Bozo
5:15 -- Flotation Walls -- Off Ramp
6:00 -- Colin Gawel -- Bozo
7:00 -- Bush League -- All Stars Bozo

Saturday (Time --Band --Stage)
11:00 -- Tin Hearts -- Bozo
12:00 -- Super Desserts -- Bozo
12:15 -- Monolithic Cloud Parade -- Off Ramp
1:00 -- Old Worlds -- Off Ramp
1:45 -- Historians -- Off Ramp
1:50 -- Church of the Red Museum -- Bozo
1:55 -- Megan Palmer -- Gazebo
2:55 -- Eric Nassau and Friends -- Gazebo
3:40 -- Donna Mogavero Band -- Bozo
5:30 -- The Receiver -- Off Ramp
6:10 -- Miss Molly -- Gazebo
6:25 -- Adult Fiction -- Off Ramp
7:05 -- Hayseed -- Solar
7:10 -- The Wahoos -- Gazebo
7:20 -- Day Creeper -- Off Ramp
7:55 -- Fox N Hounds -- Solar

Sunday (Time --Band --Stage)
11:00 Ukelele Man -- Solar
12:00 Spikedrivers -- Gazebo
12:00 Pig Circus -- Off Ramp
12:45 Blastronauts -- Off Ramp
1:30 Bicentennial Bear -- Off Ramp
1:50 Couch Forts -- Solar
2:00 Josh Krajcik Band -- Gazebo
2:15 Paper Airplane -- Off Ramp
3:55 Jen Miller -- Jazz
4:00 Kim Crawford -- Solar
5:05 Willie Phoenix -- Bozo
5:30 Micah Schnabel -- Solar


What a weird couple of months ...

Well, I feel bad ... neglectful, even ... leaving my blog here to wither and die while I'm out living life and having fun.

/not really

Actually, it's been a rather hectic couple of months in my life.  
  • I finished one big project at work and got immediately got pushed into another big, highly visible project that is actually 180 degrees different than what I was doing.
  • I started doing more photography, including branching out into working with a group that goes to Bike Nights with models to pose with you and your motorcycle looking all sexy.
  • Had a great roadtrip to Maryland and Virginia with my daughter, who's now up in New Castle for a bit, so I'll be seeing a lot of her in the coming weeks :D
  • I got to witness the only professional sports team I've ever had an emotional investment in win their league's championship ... that's right ... the Chicago Blackhawks are your 2009-2010 Stanley Cup Champions.  I hope everyone gets to experience the feeling of their team winning it all (Browns fans, I'm looking right at ya!)
  • I have a wonderful and exciting new relationship with a fascinating woman who just amazes me more and more every day.  In the Lawgirl style of protecting the innocent, I'll refer to her as ShoeGirl from now on.
  • I've been planning my summer activities ... and man is it going to be busy:
  • Highlights include the first weekend roadtrip with ShoeGirl next weekend to see a great band (The Filthy Habits), hang out with friends (both hers and mine)  in Columbus; photograph a lesbian wedding in Cincinnati on Saturday followed by a mad-dash Sunday morning from Cincy to Pittsburgh for the Indians-Pirates afternoon showcase at PNC (Probably No Customers) Park. The following weekend:   Comfest.  That's right ... three days of music, beer, friends and fun in Columbus. After that ... July includes a few random getaways with ShoeGirl, including a trip to Middletown and a couple of random baseball games as time permits.
Outside of that ... just been hanging out with the Silver Surfer, Muppet Jimmy, Basketball Brian and the rest of the gang.

What's new with you?