Why I don't discuss religion with crazy people

So earlier this week, the absolute strangest Facebook conversation happened. It started off with a joke, then another, then someone got offended and it went from zero to I WILL KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY in one post.

With that being said ... here's the transcript. I've done the Internet a favor by removing all names but mine.

Cast of characters:
  • OP (Original Poster) - Woman with a twisted sense of humor, a good wit and plays rugby on a college scholarship, so she can probably kill most of you. She wasn't the one making the threats
  • 1st Poster - Female
  • 2nd Poster - Fake Facebook Name ... guessing male by the name. But obvious shit stirrer.
  • Eric Broz (that's me) - I like to stir the shit. But you probably already knew that.
  • Crazy Christian - Male. This is where it got interesting. Really, Really interesting. And scary.

OP (with a simple joke that started all this madness)
23 hours ago via mobile ·
Anti-gay marriage people are so dumb. I'm always hearing them say stuff like "in Genesis, it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." Actually, you homophobic twat, in Genesis, it was Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Peter Gabriel. Get some knowledge, fool.
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Yes, this is a repost of one of my older statuses. However, it is epic enough to bear posting again.
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1st Poster
I love u for this !
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2nd Poster The Bible is an awesome book to read, just like Lord Of The Rings. Then you put that shit back on the shelf and go back to reality.
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Eric Broz You forgot Steve Hackett and Tony Banks!
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Crazy Christian
Listen I don't go cracking on your beliefs. I don't believe in gay marriage. But if people choose that then it's their choice. OP your my friend. Don't go fucking with my beliefs like the Bible. I don't go making fun of other peoples beliefs. I have respect for people for who they are even though I don't agree in what other people believe.
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 Crazy Christian, re read the status. Its totally asinine. Its a joke, and not really about the Bible, its about the band Genesis.
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Crazy Christian
I understand. It's about the band.
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Crazy Christian
But other people had something to say about what I believe in.
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Eric Broz
It's a sad day when someone gets butthurt over a joke.
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Crazy Christian
It wasn't funny to me. How about I go joking how I can kill your family not funny.
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Crazy Christian
That's my point it wasn't a joke to me. Oh well I got butthurt over a joke. How about I kill your family. Oh I'm just joking.
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Eric Broz
Well, that escalated quickly. Are you aware making threats on the internet is a felony? Use of the internet to threaten “the person of another” constitutes a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 875 ( interstate communication of threat to injure) If it is communicated interstate, federal jurisdiction is created.
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Crazy Christian
don't give a fuck I was joking
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Eric Broz
I can see your Christian beliefs just shining out of you like light from the Baby Jesus.
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Jesus doesn't like swears.
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Crazy Christian
I have Christian believes and I also believe what I want.
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So do i. And i believe you're taking this way too far and way too personally. I don't like Phil Collins, but this joke doesn't offend me. Chill out.
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Eric Broz
Well, then Crazy Christian, perhaps you should read your Bible and discover this gem: "Ephesians 4:31-32 Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you."
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Crazy Christian
I'M NOT PERFECT. NOR WILL I EVER BE. NOR DO I TRY TO BE. I prayed last night that if I could sacrifice my place in heaven and spend eternity in hell so that my son can find Christ and be better then me and have his place in heaven I would....
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Crazy Christian
I know the scripture but it doesn't mean that you can't stickup for yourself and what you believe in.
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Crazy Christian One more thing. I also prayed that I'd give up everything my own life here on earth. If I can be tortured in ways that are unimaginable to mans thinking or comprehension. If that would give my son a better life then I'd do it.

And that's where I left the conversation, and is why I don't argue with Crazy Christians on the Interwebs. The hypocritical shit coming from his mouth is why Christians who act like that guy make the rest of them look bad. If you're gonna get that bent out of shape over a joke, or a one-line tossout about the Bible, you really need to stay off Facebook and get your own house in order.