Two more questions before you cave in

New Son Volt album? New Wilco album? Two more questions. For most, both is the answer. For me, there really is no choice.

I have both. (yeah, I know, Wilco "Sky Blue Sky" doesn't come out until May 15th, where you shop. I have my sources. That's all I'm saying. No, you can't have a copy, don't ask, any of you.)

I've listened to both. I'm currently on run three through "Sky Blue Sky" ... which I got today. "The Search" I nabbed when it came out last week (yeah, I buy CD's. Shut up.) I've heard it about a dozen times.

My verdict:

The new Son Volt album fucking blows the doors of the Wilco album.

Again, this is only my opinion. Which really means nothing, but I give it anyway. Your mileage may vary.

Lyrically, Jeff Tweedy is superior to Jay Farrar, still. But really, musically, I can't get behind "Sky Blue Sky" ... there are a couple of songs that might stay in the iTunes playlist. With a few other Wilco gems. But I listen to entire Son Volt albums. I'm an album-kinda guy. And "Sky Blue Sky" is weak. It's hard to listen to because it's all over the place. It's not cohesive. At all.

"The Search" from Son Volt ... much much much better to listen to from start to finish. It's consistent, it delivers. Rock. From the start to the finish.

"Sky Blue Sky" jumps all over the place. And the music is so ... well ... meh ... that it makes the lyrics not all that enjoyable. Which is why presentation does sometimes trump content.

So ... April 19th, Mr. Smalls, in Pittsburgh - time for some Son Volt.

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