So long, Evil Genius Idea #895

After months of doing nothing but hosting files ... I decided that it's time to pull the plug on Evil Genius Idea #895, http://www.ericbroz.net ...


I never use it.

In fact, I've migrated *almost* entirely to free sites such as here, wordpress for my music blog, facebook, Google+ and, sadly, even MySpace (still). I'm gonna keep the domain, but point it to a redirect that sends you to my FB page ... but the email is going away, so anyone who emails me at eric @ ericbroz dot net should change up and hit me at cebroz at gmail dot com.

It was a good four years (well, three, really), but all things change.


Jane Scott - 1919-2011. Amazing lady.

I was lucky enough to meet Jane Scott at a Motley Crue concert at the Richfield Coliseum in 1990. I don't remember if it was January or February, but it was winter. It was cold. VERY COLD. I was reviewing the show for the Tribune, and was a fan of Motley Crue live, as they put on a tremendous live show. Tommy Lee was playing his kit on rails that went upside down and out over the crowd. I took my sister Juli to the show ... we were freezing waiting to get in the press gate, only to be told no photo pass, but we did have tickets. She was happy to see a free show ... I was getting paid to write about music. Win Win.

And when we got inside, my sister asked who brought their Grandma to the show. I turned, and there beside me, with her Ticket pinned to her scarf; big red glasses, a bigger purse and the biggest smile I'd ever seen was Jane Scott. I immediately fanboy'ed and professed, as many had before me, that she was required reading every Friday and after every show ... whether I was there or not. I introduce her to my sister, who wasn't quite sure what to make, but slowly realized the cool factor when Jane started rocking out with us. Jane was 71 at the time.

Here's a link to a great telling of her story, and her retirement column. She was one of a kind in an era where an emerging music scene in a vibrant music city met the perfect woman at the perfect time.

I was blessed to know her. I think a lot of us were.  Dennis Lewin of the Cleveland band Beau Coup, wrote this when the PD tried to force her to retire ... she finally left on her own in 2002, after 50 years and, in her estimate, more than 10,000 concerts, from the Beatles to Nine Inch Nails and everything in between.  The last time I saw Jane was at an MC Hammer show at Blossom.  She had as much fun there as anyone ...

(Dedicated to P.D. Columnist "Jane Scott")

(Dennis Lewin)

Dear Jane

It's an early cold Friday morning
And my radio is blasting down the hall
Waking me up to the sounds
Of the late great Marvin Gaye

I fell out of bed
Got dressed and read the morning paper
I saw a picture of myself on the back page news
Next to an add for the final shows of Michael's band

Jane, Jane you watched me change from a boy to a man
Jane you stood behind me and the boys in the band
Don't you ever give up on us Jane

You know Jane I was 5 back in 64
When you started at Friday magazine
There wasn't a flash in the pan that you missed
Or a style un-seen 

But than the papers read
Jane they say you're too old for the new style
But you never mix art and age as one
'Cause the older you get the better you shine in the public's eye

Jane, Jane you watched me change from a boy to a man
Jane you stood behind me and the boys in the band
Don't you ever give up on us Jane

Jane they always try to cut you down to pieces
To criticize your work is a slap in the face of justice
You broke so many bands that came from foreign lands
and now they try to take away the pen that wrote their names


Easiest Job in the World

Despite being a journalist for a period of time in my life, I rarely read the printed paper anymore.  (Sorry to my friends still in the business, and apologies to Al Newhearth and the staff at McPaper.)  Today, however, Sarah picked up a Vindicator as we're looking for a place to live, and I noticed a help wanted ad.  And it made me want to seriously think about a career change.

After reading this little help wanted ad, I've decided it has to be the easiest job in the world:

Wanted:  Science teacher at a Christian school.

Think about it.  Easiest. Job. EVER!

You can teach your budding Christian scientists everything ... and I mean EVERYTHING ... with a a couple of three-word phrases:

God made it.  God made them. God makes it. God makes them. God provides it.
  • How'd the galaxy get here?  God made it.
  • Where did the rocks come from? God made them.
  • How does water form?  God makes it.
  • Where do babies come from? God makes them.
  • How do we get friuts from the ground?  God provides it.
Or, if you wanna get funny, you can just pull out the Bill Hicks:

If God created all life, why are there dinosaur bones?  God put them here to test your faith.  God's just fucking with you.  Jokester God strikes again. Giant Lizards? Walking the Earth?  HA.

Or, you can circle back the easiest job in the world:

God made them.

The final test would be an essay test:  Explain the formation of the galaxy and all life on Earth:

Any answer but "God made it." results in failure.  And you get to enjoy your summers off.