Friday's Random Thoughts

Subject: Relocation.

So, after spending the week here, my boss asked me if I'd consider moving to Cinci to fill a position that's open at this office, and then he could hire someone to fill my job in Youngstown.

He gave me the weekend to think it over.

My answer is no.

I'm still not unpacked from the last time I moved. I'm NOT ready to move again. And Cincinnati's too far away. I moved back to Youngstown to be closer to my daughter, and my family.

Subject Whiplash: Insanity renewed.

You know how you do something over and over and expect a different result? That's the definition of insanity.

I know it well.

Yet I'm about to do something, again, I've done, many times before.

And swore I'd never do again.

(Shhhhhh. I have a date tonight. Just kind fell into it about 10 minutes ago. Her name - Michelle. But she's not a new Michelle - I've known her for a long time, since, I think, she was 10, I was 15 ... I used to hang out with her sister. And for the record, yes, she's crazy ... but she's your garden-variety crazy ... that I can deal with!)

But yeah, I know. My jaw hit the floor on both the fact I'm going on a a date and the name.

Subject Whiplash: Daylight Savings Time Changes

First - I hate the time change, on both ends. It messes me up mentally.

Second - This year, it's worse, because it's been changed. So we've had to update 2,000+ servers to make sure it works right. So I'll be on a conference call from 1:45 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. going from Saturday into Sunday. Yay me.

Subject Whiplash: Good Driving Music

The Clarks. The Kinks. Watershed. Bruce Springsteen. That is my musical company for the trip back.

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