What was the thing in the picture

What *was* the thing, in the picture, I felt?

Well, that really depends on the picture.

As a photographer, and a writer, there are a lot of ways I could go by writing about, or showing the photos. That's like watching someone else's vacation videos. You get it, but you don't really care.

As a photographer ... when I see a picture I've taken, and declared a winner, I *know* what is the thing in the picture.

And when I see the work of others, I know, instantly, what I see that I like, or, don't like. There are very few photographs that leave a lasting impact on scores of people. It's all subjective.

In your world, however, the big question is what do you see in a photo? Everyone sees things differently. Ten people can look at one photo and see ten different things. That's what makes being a photographer difficult. It's that same way with all creative ventures.

Every so often you see, or, if you're lucky and have a camera in your hand, and everything is configured right, and your timing is right, and the camera is pointed in the right direction ... and ... and ... and ... perhaps you can capture that moment.

And the attention of others. At least for a moment. Create a memory by capturing a memory.

There are many photos we've taken, of our lives, and those who share them, that have captured those memories for us.

Those are the photos that shape our lives.

Those are the things we love.

That's the thing in the picture.

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