Clean streets on your dirty days

This is, perhaps, the most interesting line in the song for me - "Clean streets on your dirty days" ... because that's my how life is, some days.

No matter what's going on, there are days where you're feeling clean and you step in a puddle, spill your coffee, drip your breakfast on your tie, have a kid leave monster tracks on you, etc.

Or it's just the opposite - you're wearing the worn-out, ripped jeans, beat up t-shirt, or the sweat-pants ... and you realize that everyone around you is well dressed, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping. Yep, clean streets on your dirty days.

And not dirty in a good way.

The dichotomy of this line is what draws me to this song.

Much like this photo.

It's just wrong to look at a computer lab full of iMac's and see Windows XP running on them. iMac's with Windows apps, desktops, and screen savers.

Yeah, I understand Parallels. In fact, back in the late 90's I was running Windows 98 on my PowerPC through an OrangeMicro PC card on a Cyrix 233MHz with 128mb RAM all running on a 7" PCI card. So the concept of PC on Mac isn't new, or surprising to me.

However, this isn't Paralles. This is Windows XP running natively on iMacs. Using BootCamp. And the tech guy here at the training center says the iMacs run XP and VISTA better than any other machines in the building.

While I'm not surprised, cause I'm old-school Mac, still, I gape and shudder (with a shout out to Two Cow Garage and their new album, III, out April 27th) .

And, I say in my best Eric Cartman voice:

"It's wrong. Wrong I say."

Clean sheets of iMacs running Windows XP for dirty days. Ugh.

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