Attention Ladies on Facebook (RE: Colors)

Attention Ladies: A email recently went out to women asking them to post the color of their bra. This is a virus. To fix it, you must remove your bra, then go to Settings > Enable Webcam > Record Movie and then send it to me for virus cleaning. 

Thank you!


Song of the Day

Inside ~ Patti Rothberg

I haven't done a thing today
I'm just sitting around wasting time away
And even if I wanted to
I can go outside there ain't nothing to do

I think I'll write a letter home
Telling everybody that I'm happy alone
And maybe if I pay the role
I can roll myself into a big black hole

I can roll myself on down the line
Telling everybody that I'm just fine
My troubled mind I can't confine
That we are all the same inside

I've been thinking about my friends
Saying they'll be with be to the bitter end
I don't know how I get that far
When I don't even know who the hell they are

I can roll myself on down the line
Telling everybody that I'm just fine
My troubled mind I can't confine
That we are all the same inside


Yeah, what he said


Stayed single the whole year?
Single-ish. I was seeing someone for about six weeks in April/May timeframe.

Were involved in something you'll never forget?
Absolutely ... several things!

Dyed your hair?

Came close to losing your life?
Yep, but we're all day-to-day.

Saw one of your favorite bands live?
Many of them. And often.


Did you meet any new friends this year?

Did you hate anyone?
No. When you hate someone you give them a piece of you that you never get back.

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
Nope. Actually reconnected with a couple of great people that were previous regrets.


Did you have a cake?

Did you have a party?

Did you get any presents?
A drawing from my daughter. And a dragonfly she made. And that's better than presents.


Did you change at all this year?
A few things. For the better.

Did you change your style?
I have style??

Were you in school?
School of life

Did you get good grades?
I'm still living.

Did you have a job?
Worked one day in 2009 for the State of Ohio, was unemployed for a month, then rehired by for the job I had before I went to work for the state in 2008.

Did you drive?

Did you own a car?

Did anyone close to you give birth?

Would you change anything about yourself now?
Can't change what's happened. Why worry about it?


Was 2009 a good year?
2009 was a decent year.

Do you think 2010 will top 2009?

Kissed in the rain?

Had your heart broken?
Not broken. Bruised maybe.

Done something you've regretted?
No ... I don't regret, I evolve.

Painted a picture?

Wrote a poem?

Ran a mile?

Visited a foreign country?

Cut in a line of waiting people?
HA HA HA ... yes. Was Cinco de Mayo, in Cincinnati. Line at the restaurant was 2.5 hours ... we stood there for 10 minutes then answered "Sorry, we're the Wallaces" at the "Last Call for the Wallace Party of Two" ...

Told someone you were busy when you weren't?
Ask me about my crippling social anxiety

Cooked a disastrous meal?

Lied about how old you were?

Disappointed someone close?

Hid a secret?
Everyone has secrets

Pretended to be happy?

Slept under the stars?

Kept your new years resolution?
Don't make them.

Forgot your new years resolution?
Don't make them.

Pretended to be sick?
Sick days are vacation days, too

Lost something expensive?

Learned something new about yourself?

Stayed up til sunrise?

Cried over the silliest thing?

Spent most of your money on food?
Depends on your definition of food.

Had a fist fight?

Gotten sick?

Liked more than 5 people at the same time?