Well, that's werid

So after a few attempts I was finally able to get my home phone service set up with Ohio Bell uh Ameritech uh SBC uh AT&T (yeah, those people).

Only to discover a SHITLOAD of static on my line when they turned it on Thursday.

So I called, they said it would be fixed on Friday.

Friday was the same day they were hooking up my DSL so I can dump my damn cable internet that's slow and expensive.

So I get home Friday - and there's no static on my phone.

None at all.

There's also no dial tone.

None. At all.

Yet me being me, I get the DSL wireless gateway set up, get everything loaded up and configured, and ready to go, so when the phone service comes back, I can switch over.

And the DSL is working. I still have no dial tone. But I have DSL.

That's weird.

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