Feelin' good but lookin' rough

With props to Tim Easton for the great blog headline ... from his awesome clean-and-sober anthem "Dear Old Song and Dance" ... I give you my weekend wrap-up:

Well, home after an eventful week in Cincinnati highlighted by a spectacular drive on US Route 62 from Grove City (from south of Columbus ... and a big hello my friends in GroveTucky!) to Salem (hello all you witches in Salem). The drive on US 62 is awesome. There are parts of that road where you can forget you're in Ohio. Slate-rock cliffs line the road, with evergreens as you drive through Amish country and past lakes, swaps, near-mountains and a lot of interesting cool little towns along the way - including Millersburg, which I've heard of but not visited before. Cute town.

Friday: The previously-mentioned Tim Easton at Seattle's in Wooster!

Tim Easton

(Click photo to see it larger. Click here for more shots in a cool new flash gallery concept I'm playing with. Not sure it will do what I want ... but still playing and learning. Let me know what you think of the flash gallery by clicking here.)

As usual, Tim put on a great show ... sans opening act who canceled, and it was probably just as well. Seattle's is small, and with Tim being a native of central Ohio, he tends to draw a crowd there to see him like they did back when nobody was showing up to see him play except friends and family. It was a very intimate gathering ... and opening act would not have worked, in my mind (well, unless it was someone cool like this guy).

Ended up going with an old friend who enjoyed the show muchly, but had a very interesting observation about the quality of the drinks at Seattle's ... they got significantly weaker as the night went on. I didn't notice, as I had my single tall Hoegaard Beer (as Tim says, Belgian beer's the best) on arrival, then a couple of glasses of ice to crunch, then a coffee, and a couple more glasses of ice to crunch. Iron deficiency. Yeah. That's my story.

Saturday: Hanging out with the kids ... Jess, Gage, Cammi & I went to this very cool place in Boardman called "Glow Fore It" which is an indoor, black-light glowing mini-golf that opened in a strip mall in Boardman on Market Street ... now that was some cool shit. Lots of fun, not too expensive, and they had a blast ... as did I. (Thanks again for the recommendation, you who recommended it!).

Then we hit Best Buy to get some new headphones for the girls for their music devices; and some Krispy Kreme's for coffee time. I had a glazed, cream-filled. My favorite kind of donut. And only one - you can really only ever eat one glazed, cream-filled donut. Yeah, that's my story, there, too. Saturday night was spent on call for the DST patch ... luckily we had one issue, so it was quiet.

Sunday: Recovering from a late night Friday, and a late night Saturday ... still on stand-by for call, but after that ended went to dinner with a friend, and after she perused my massive collection of movies, decided nothing I had was to her liking at the moment ... so we rented Transamerica and watched it on her 65" Sony Wide-screen. It's official - I got television envy. (And yes, I had to spell television out. You don't use the phrase 'TV envy' after discussing a transgender movie. Yeah. That's my story, there, too).

Today: Back at work. Doing expense reports to clear up my corporate card this week before I go to Columbus for training next week. Conference calls from 11:00-Noon and 1:30 - 2:30 and 3:30-4:30. And I'm on call from 8-5 so if anything breaks I gotta fix that, too. AND I have some school work to do ... and I'm tired-as-fuck from the time change. IT ALWAYS MESSES ME UP. I should move to Arizona or something.

They looked at the rest of the country and said, "Fuck it. Our clocks don't change. It's too hot to adjust them."

Or that's how I see it went down. That's my story.

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