And who isn’t answering a cellular heartbeat

That would be me - I'm not answering anything today. Because I'm home sick. I'm not answering anything but work calls. Sorry.

It's just a touch (well, touch is a bit generous. It's a gut-stomping) of food poisoning. I've had food issues enough to know I'm a delicate flower digestively. Something I ate didn't agree with me ... not unusual.

However, not very pleasant to be around, either. And something, that for the sake of others, requires a home game. So I left work early yesterday. Got home without incident. (20 minutes is a long time to be away from a bathroom with what I have. That's all I'm sayin'). After a quick call to my doctor (who I'm glad to be 30 minutes away from again, rather than three hours), a description of my symptoms (which I'll spare you), and a perusal of what I had left in my medicine cabinet from this adventure last year (not good reading for the faint of heart), she gave me the okay to take the medicine I had left as it was what she's prescribe.

So I spent most of yesterday between the couch and the computer in various states of alertness and sleep, resting or sucking down gatorade to stay hydrated.

I haven't eaten since a vending machine fruit pie yesterday (not one of my brightest decisions, but when it's all you eat all day - and you don't really digest it, anyway, it's not all that terrible of a food item).

Maybe tonight I'll make my specialty - dry wheat toast.

I'm an excellent toast chef.

And I make a mean bowl of cereal, too.

You know you want me. I got mad skillz.

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