I've figured out President Trump's agenda

I think I finally figured out President Trump's agenda. 

For reals.

Gimme a minute to explain:

Trump really does want America to be/remain/regain being great. Not just in one thing. In EVERYTHING we used to be great at. Manufacturing, education, science, space exploration, environmental protections, social programs, being good neighbors, helping the poor, policing the world and just being that beacon of hope for those wanting a better life, in America.

See, we used to be great. Long ago, before we started this class/color/sexuality/religious/gender/political war that we're all wrapped up in. 

President Trump sees these dividing points as what's making us NOT be great. 

Not the Mexicans. Not the Muslims. Not the gays. Not the women. The warfare among the people of America. Over petty things. 

So he decides to do some nation rebuilding by reshaping America. 

  • He runs the perhaps the worst campaign ever seen in American politics for content while attacking the leaders of his own party, the leaders of the opposition, asking the Russians to get involved and filling his campaign staff with idiots and political neophytes to run a campaign that nobody  saw him winning.
  • And he does this while running against a candidate that's so hated by a near majority of voters damn near anyone else remotely qualified who doesn't do everything in the previous paragraph would beat her in a Mondale-like landslide.
  • He loses the popular vote while winning the Electoral collage making everyone who gets democracy but not representative republics mad.
  • He claims 3 million illegal votes were cast, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election, but refuses to allow recounts, investigations or proof. Making more people mad.
  • He's turned his campaign promises into shit faster than any candidate in history. Making his supporters mad.
  • He's threatening war with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, to the point even some of the most fanatical war hawks are like "Um, wait. No. Just wait."
  • He fills his cabinet with the least qualified candidates in the history of politics based on how much money they have or gave to his campaign, and by how much money they can route to his pockets. Which makes more people mad.
  • His approval rating, while three times that of Congress, is deplorable. And falling. 
  • He does EVERYTHING he spent four years criticizing the most popular president in recent history did, but even more so. "I won't golf." "I won't vacation." "I won't waste money." and that's all he does. Warns him "Don't bomb Syria without Congressional approval" ... then goes ahead and does it. 

And there's more. Yugely more. But this is already long. So let's wrap-it-up!

America, throughout its history, has always been able to unite to face the common enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

He's PURPOSEFULLY trying to become the single most hated American politician, president and person. 

To unite the country. To force us to put aside our differences in race, gender, religion, class, sexual orientation, creed, background, nationality, sports teams, musical tastes to unite as Americans and take on a common enemy:  Donald J. Trump.

Eyes open now? You're welcome.