Words are bad. Bad. Bad.

So apparently in New York City and Miami there is no crime.

The schools are perfect.

Homelessness doesn't exit.

Life is a beautiful thing.

I say this because politicians in these two fine examples of how humanity co-exists without hate, crime or violence, are starting to make up laws because apparently there's nothing else to do.

They want to outlaw words.

Yep. Words.

In Miami, a state senator wants to force people not to use the words "illegal alien" when referring undocumented non-citizens who are in this country without the knowledge or approval of the Department of Immigration. In other words - illegal aliens.

A state legislator whose district is home to thousands of Caribbean immigrants wants to ban the term "illegal alien" from the state's official documents.

"I personally find the word 'alien' offensive when applied to individuals, especially to children," said Sen. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami. "An alien to me is someone from out of space."

She then said, and I heard her say this part on the radio, "An alien to me is someone from out of space."

First of all, the whole "kinder, gentler offensive word thing" aside ... WHAT THE FUCK IS 'OUT OF SPACE'?

Is that like from outer space?

Next thing you know she's gonna fade into Bolivia with Mike Tyson.

Click here to read more about it. For the record - if this passes and you do happen to use those banned words - there is no penalty. Another great toothless law trying to be enacted by Democrats to make people feel better.

In New York, however, it's even more ridiculous.

It's now against the law in New York City, to say the word nigger. The City Council of New York City unanimously declared a moratorium that carries no penalty but aims to stop youth from casually using the word, considered by most Americans to be the most offensive in the English language. The New York City measure follows similar resolutions this month by the New York state assembly and state senate

Again, another crime without penalty.

And the powers that be are trying to get those responsible for handing out awards like the Grammys to not nominate any song that uses such a bad word.

At least there are some people out there haven't lost their fucking minds:

A Grammy spokesman said he doubted the academy's 11,000 voting members would support any measure that might censor artists.

"They are not going to be supportive of something that excludes someone simply because they are using a word that is offensive," said Ron Roecker, vice president of communication for the Recording Academy.

Comedian Chris Rock said, "What, is there a fine? Am I going to get a ticket? Do judges say, '10 years, nigger!"'

Rock said politicians were trying to divert attention from real problems: "Enough real bad things happen in this city to worry about how I am going to use the word."

Rock on, Chris Rock.

Cheap Trick sang about the Dream Police ... now we have the Word Police. It's only a matter of time before the Thought Police get here.

Oh, and by the way ... the two politicians in New York who sponsored the bill AND the senator in Florida - Democrats.

So don't think that it's another conservative Republican control grab here.

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