Ryan Cox Rocked "The Wall"

Great show last night by Ryan Cox of Bullet Jones.

In case you missed this blog, Ryan is doing an acoustic tribute to Pink Floyd's epic album "The Wall" every Tuesday in March at Andyman's Treehouse in Columbus.

And last night's initial performance was quite an enjoyable evening. Complete with some kick-ass pictures (as if I'd go to a show sans camera! And for the one of you out there who knows that I left my camera in the car for both Wilco and Gomez and had to resort to using my camera phone ... shhhhh!)

Quick tease through last night's shots gave me this keeper:

(click to see larger)

More to come as time permits.

Why? Well, I'm tired. I left work in Cincy at 5:30; was napping by 6 at the hotel; up at 7:30 to drive to Columbus; left the Treehouse about 1:20; dropped off Donnette (who was also in my camera's focus cause she was pretty relaxed laying on the big comfy couch at the Treehouse during the performance), made it back to the hotel in Cincy at 3 and was at work at 8.

Here is said picture of Donnette looking comfy on the couch.

(See, I tell people magic happens in my camera viewfinder. They don't believe me until they're presented with the evidence.)


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