The Baby Rule

So last night I'm driving home after hanging out with the kids - including a trip to Wal-Mart to blow some quarters on the crane games (they love them. I suck at them. Total take was one large teddy bear, one min-basketball, two plastic animals (zebra and alligator), one guaranteed-to-turn-your-neck-green chrome-plated necklace, and three super-cheap "play until you win" things) ... and as I normally do when I'm behind the wheel - I have two things going on.

First - I'm rocking out. Tonight's choice was John Eddie's debut album.

Second - I'm thinking. Tonight's topic was the kind of woman I'm attracted to ... and trying to determine why.

Cause I'm a thinker and just can't let anything be.

And then it hit me.

And I laughed. Out loud. For a more than few minutes.

And then I started to think about that, because, well, as we learned above: I'm a thinker.

Main point being pondered: Why did it take me so long to figure this out?

Because of something an old boss called "The Baby Rule."

"Nine women can't make one baby in one month.

"Three women can't make one baby in three months.

"It takes one woman nine months to make one baby. Some things just take time."

It took me about 13 years to figure this one thing out. As we learned above: Some things just take time.

But it was a fun journey to the discovery.

Because sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

Next stop? Unknown. That's how I roll.

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