The Bearer of Bad News

As I've stated before, I used to be a reporter for newspaper and radio.

As I've stated before, growing up, it was all I ever wanted to do.

As I've stated before, once I was a newspaper reporter, I hated it.

Hated. It. Because, as Richard Jeni says, it's nothing but "The Bad News."

And he's right. Good news doesn't sell. Me and a fellow reporter (the lovely but insane JSG) used to drop suggestions in the suggestions box at work to change to our newspaper's marketing slogan to "More Bodies Above The Fold."

But since I love to write (really? me? writing? Go figure) I miss it from time to time.

Hence I blog. A lot lately.

And every so often, I still get to break it down old school style and deliver the bad news.

Twice, so far, this week.

THE FIRST: An email to a friend ... I was planning on going to Wooster on March 9th to see the multi-talented Matthew Hoover play (his myspace is here, my photos of him are here). Then I happened to see that the Tim Easton is booked at Seattle's on March 9th (Tim's myspace is here, my photos of Tim are here).

So I sent Matthew a message saying how cool it was going to be to have him opening for Tim Easton.

Ooops. Seems that not only was Matthew not aware that Tim Easton was booked there that night, he wasn't aware he was no longer booked there that night because Tim has an opener. The story: the husband/wife booking team at Seattle's each booked a show that night - and since Tim's national and Matthew's regional, Tim won.

But, I'm still going, because, well, he's Tim Easton. And he rocks. And I'll still go there to see Matthew Hoover the next time he or his band The Peachbones are booked there, because he and they rock as well. (My photos of The Peachbones are here.)

And Seattle's has Sami the lovely barmaid and Hoegaard Beer (as Tim says, Belgian beer's the best) and coffee. Hmmm .... awesome acoustic music, Belgian beer, coffee and a hot bartender? WINNER.

THE SECOND: A phone call after a "routine upgrade" went south last night at work. In the process of upgrading a server with a service pack, the onboard video failed. I had to call the person who manages the applications on the box and tell her "It's Dead, Kim."

Luckily, it was easily fixed with spare hardware this morning, so life is good.

But yeah, I am the bearer of bad news.

Don't make me contact you.

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