Email Beatdowns © - Volume 84

So it's pretty evident I like to write, eh?

And rant.

And when I have something to rant about when I write, all is right in Ericland.

Heh heh.

Today's email beatdown is brought to you by an international adult learning university headquartered in Arizona. Phoenix, Arizona.

I have one goal in mind - to finish my bachelor's degree. Because I want it.

With my crazy schedule, going to school online is my only real option.

So after signing up and filling out all my paperwork THREE TIMES because they had issues with my information from when I previously attended their Pittsburgh campus; and they had issues with my other information from when I previously attended their Columbus campus, I thought the third time was the charm for the paperwork.

Or it should have been.

Today, I got a call from someone in Financial Aid telling me (again) that I (still) have paperwork to fill out ... telling me (again) I've been randomly selected for income verification by the financial aid people.

Which I knew. Because they've already jacked me around twice.

Bottom line - they (again) demanded a copy of my 2005 taxes, my spouse's 2005 taxes and a form stating the number and ages of all people who live with me.

I've already given them my 2005 taxes. And the form.


And that's all they're getting.

My divorce was final in 2005, they did not and will not get my ex-wife's 2005 taxes.

According to the IRS, the status at the end of the year is how you're judged, not the status during the year. So for all intents and purposes, they don't need her information.

I think they're just being dicks about it.

As for the verification form - well, as I told them twice on the phone, and twice in writing, I live alone. I don't even have pets.

So when I got the phone call today, I was a bit upset. And proceeded to tell the financial aid person all of the above. In the very direct, pointed and polite manner I have when I'm pissed off at stupidity. If you've heard me ... you know. And if it's been directed at you, well, you know. Yeah, sometimes, Mr. Chapin, words can serve me well.

So after hanging up, I sent the following Email Beatdown© to my enrollment counselor:

I just got the MOST frustrating call from someone in Financial Aid telling me they're received my spouse's tax information and now need mine and a verification form.

Why is this such as hassle? At this point I'm tired of filling out the same paperwork over and over again and being told it's the wrong stuff.

Please tell you financial aid peoeple the following:

  1. They don't have my spouse's tax information. They have mine. My divorce was final in 2005. They don't need and will not get my ex-wife's 2005 taxes.

  2. The verification worksheet of who lives in my residence is ME. I'm divorced. I live alone. I don't even have pets.

  3. IF by some chance there is SOME FORM I still haven't filled out, signed and faxed at least three times, rather than have the person from Financial Aid who deals with said form as part of her job treat me like I'm an idiot for not knowing what the form is, have her use some customer service skills (because I am a customer. Granted, I'm a potential student, but you are a for-profit business, and I am your revenue stream, so I am a customer. Now that we're clear on that, give me credit for an Economics course, and tell your financial aid person if I still have a form that's not completed, rather than chastise me, tell me what form it is, where I can find it or offer to email it to me.

  4. Their inability to understand 1, 2 and 3 have me seriously considering stopping this process before I even start classes.

So far, in the words of Genesis, there's been no reply at all.

Heh heh.

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