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Wow. Here's a shocker.

Apparently, according to this news report, President Bush isn't very popular in the Arabic world.

Sixty-seven percent of 3,850 people in six Arab countries rated him as the worst world leader. Those same people see the US and Israel as bigger threats than Iran.

What's funny to me is two-fold:
  1. Someone got paid to do the research on this.

    (insert sound of dialing phone) "Hello. Do you like the Infidel Bush? Yes? You die. (insert sound of explosion here). Next?" (insert sound of dialing phone) "Hello. Do you like the Infidel Bush? No? You live. Next?"

    Um, this is obvious to me, and I failed Statistics. Twice. But really, sixty-seven percent of people polled in THIS country don't like him. And we elected him. Twice. (For the record, I do like him, and voted for him, twice.)

  2. Someone got paid to write this "news" report.

    Um, this isn't news. This is obvious.
But like I'm so often accused of NOT doing ... let's consider the source here:

Those being questioned don't drink, treat women as property and think nothing of sending people with explosives strapped to their chests into crowded marketplaces.

So pardon me if I put as much faith in their opinion as I do a French soldier's courage.

When Arabs realize that women can be more than property, life is to be enjoyed not sacrificed and those with opposing views don't need eliminated ... then maybe I'll care what their opinion on my country is.

I'd write more but I'm gonna go drink a beer and watch some porn - cause I'm an American. And I can.

A-la-la-la-la that, Achmed.


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