Ben Lee got some Lyrics

"You can't climb until you're ready to fall."
Ben Lee - "Into The Dark"

Ever have one of those albums that every single song brings back so many memories?

Yeah, I have a lot of them.

But on in particular ... Ben Lee "Awake Is The New Sleep" ... just so many good memories.

On top of that, the songs are amazingly simple musically and seriously complex lyrically.

Check it out.
"I've been thinking 'bout the straight and narrow
slip sliding round the back of my hand"
Ben Lee - "No Right Angles"

What makes us as humans see we want and can't have as a challenge?

More specifically, someone we want and for whatever reason, can't have?

Is it that need to have goals and desires and wants and try to satisfy them as a way of making us feel good about ourselves, our accomplishments or our lot in life?

Or, is it, as Morrissey said, simply a case your mentality catching up to your biology and realizing you want the one you can't have, and it's driving you mad, and it's written all over your face?

I find myself on the other side of this argument for the first time in my life. I'm the pursued. Which to me is downright bizarre, because I just don't buy into the whole dating game anymore.

It's nothing but a sales orgy - you hope they're buying what you're selling; they hope you're buying what they're selling ... and you both hope it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship between two buyers and two sellers who want/need the commodity the other has. Whatever that commodity is.

"I learned my lesson
First impressions
Are more often right than wrong.""
Ben Lee - "Into The Dark"

And every date is like an audition. The carefully worded questions that bring carefully worded answers; and then the search for the reason for the evasiveness in the answers; the new questions the answers bring; and all the answers the questions bring.

"Dating" someone is really so off my radar these days that attempting a date once a month is more than enough for me.

I guess it goes back to a bad date I had not too long ago. It took me about two weeks to agree to meet her ... I should have listened to those first impressions, right Ben?

After 40 minutes, I was convinced it was the wrong idea.

After an 90 minutes, I was done.

And it must have showed, because the sales pitch became overbearing. Every joke I told was funnier; even the ones that weren't funny.

At the two hour mark I called it a night. And a month. And maybe even a year ... I retreated back to my box at the top of the stairs ... but I have no Indian rug, or pipe to share. (Wait, that's not Ben Lee)

"There's no rhyme
and there's no reason
You're the secret in the back of my skull
There's no logic
So please believe me
My love's confusing
But it never gets dull"

Ben Lee "Ache For You"

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