Blog 298 - Random Thoughts

Saw Tim Easton in Columbus on Wednesday. I love Tim - however, I hate hippies. And there were some dumbass hippies there smoking some shitty ass dope in front of me. And not even a joint - they were smoking from a glass pipe. Cause they're cool like that. In theory. When I asked them to move somewhere else to smoke that shit, the response was "Oh, man, like five years ago everyone in the front row would just pass it around."

Well, there's a reason they call it dope, son.

Maybe you haven't realized this yet, but this isn't five years ago.

And we aren't in the front row.

They moved, but kept giving me the eye. Whatever. So *I* was the buzzkill ... really, I don't care what you do to your brain or body - smoke your dope, shoot heroin, smoke crack, or even just smoke tobacco - do whatever you want - just do it where I don't have to be in the cloud, m'kay?

And I hate taking pictures at Little Brothers. I've only ever shot one good show there - Ryan Smith (click here for the photos). The high stage and the dirty white drop-ceiling make for the worst angles / contrasts. And I don't think the lights have been changed or cleaned since smoking ban went into effect in Columbus in 2005. (New Tim pics are here ... including two I really like with Megan Palmer, who joined Tim on stage for a few songs.)

Going through ISO Training at work. Meh. I understand the concept, but watching 90 minutes of videos can kill anyone's interest in anything.

It's death by PowerPoint WITH a badly produced video. The presenter reminds me of a bad Soviet-era news broadcaster: bad hair, bad clothes, crazy broach and scarf and all against a dingy white wall. And she keeps looking away from the camera. And making mistakes in her teleprompter reading.

And the best part - she shows us samples on where to find information ... but her links aren't my links so where she gets her info does me no good. Hmmm, perhaps a process needs improved.

Back to 24x7 on call starting Monday. Was nice to have a bit of a break from it. Going to hang out with my daughter tonight & tomorrow, before heading to Cleveland in the afternoon to do some work and later, to meet some friends. Then I'm back on the 24x7 call ball & chain until 5 p.m. on the 16th of March.

After that I'm in Columbus for a week for training!

Selling off a shitload of old computer parts on eBay. First round went rather well ... got rid of the stuff that was the easy money ... the rest of it will be hard work. Basically, I gather, photograph, and sort. Then I do the write-ups in Turbo Lister, then I upload them in groups of 10 ... one or two groups a day. Then I start getting them ready to ship.

Starting to get excited about Wrestlemania. Say what you will, it's entertainment. And the roar of a live crowd.

STILL haven't gotten the paperwork issue corrected with the University of Phoenix. But rather than remaining pissed off, every time they ask me to fax them paperwork I've already faxed them multiple times, I just add the confirmation page from the last time I've faxed. Yeah, right now it's adding an extra five pages to the fax I have to send this afternoon, but it's toll free. I don't really care.

This is blog 298. Blog 299 is going to be a review of the upcoming Two Cow Garage CD titled "III" that is out in stores on April 24th. I got an advance from Shane, the bassist for the band, at the Tim Easton show. Cool guy, great band.

Blog 300 is going to be 300 questions about me that I answer. I've been pulling questions out of survey sites and question dumps. Way more about me than you ever wanted to know, but it's my blog. You're not required to read it.

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