Quick Wrap of 2006

Quick Wrap of my 2006:
  • Loved - twice. Same person.
  • Lost Love - twice. Same person.
  • Job - Changed. Once. Good thing.
  • Moved - Once.
  • Car - Out with Lumey, in with Icey. Good thing.
  • Music - too much to mention. Most of it great. Some of it downright awful.
  • Roadtrips - 17 states and Canada this year. Seriously. All but three states were while chasing music. Seriously.
  • Bodies of water traversed - two. Atlantic Ocean whale-watching; Mississippi Riverboat Cruise.

In-Depth Highlights:
  • Seeing the genius that is Aaron Tashjian solo multiple times in multiple states in multiple formations (Autumn Under Echoes; Swig Tooth; solo; Semi-Precious Weapons). Amazing songwriter. Amazing guitarist. Amazing person.

  • Whale-watching with Kara on the Atlantic - she was amazed. One of the things I love most is seeing the look on someone's face when they experience something that amazing. Personally, I've not been on a whale watch that didn't make me cry - seeing those amazing creatures that close is humbling.

  • Seeing my daughter pet and feed her favorite water-based mammal - a beluga whale - at Marineland in Niagara Falls.

  • Meeting Justin "Precious" Tranter - the face and voice of Semi-Precious Weapons.

  • Seeing Semi-Precious Weapons live four times. (Columbus, twice; Chicago, Pittsburgh)

  • Putting 33,000+ miles on my car in 8 months.

  • My new job - and all the things I'm learning.

  • The fact my new job is in Youngstown - moving me back to the area I was born in, and much closer to my daughter than Columbus.

  • The new friends I've made this year.

  • The 'friends' I unmade this year.

  • Rediscovering my love of photography, and buying a new digital SLR.

  • Rediscovering my love of writing (heh heh ... as the more than 200 blog entries this year show)

  • The old friends I reconnected with this year.

  • Meeting one of my musical heroes, Jeffrey Gaines.

  • Meeting and hanging out with the guys from Watershed; Rob James from the Clarks; Mr. and Mrs. Nye and their associated family members.

  • Making Mr. Nye crack up mid-lyric and laugh during the final show of Rockhouse.

  • Talking music, life and alcoholic beverages with Quinn Fallon of the X-Rated Cowboys.

  • Hanging out with Donnette when I needed a friend - or she did.

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Michelle said...

New friends are the best aren't they?
Here's to a great 2007!