Andy Dick isn't Funny.

Apparently, someone thinks Andy Dick is funny.

It's not me.

In fact, he could be in the new Tim Wilson song, "I Might Be Wrong" which features a great line, "Everybody Loves Raymond . . . . . except for me."

I don't love Ray Ramano. I never watched his show. I never liked his standup. His show is everything I hate about sitcoms - every character is funny.

Does every person in your life, your family and your circle of friends spout funny, sarcastic, or biting one-liners? In fact, is your life comprised of nothing but the exchange of such banal banter?

I didn't think so.

Why people would want to come home and watch that is beyond me.

Why people would feel the need to one one episode, let alone an entire season - or all eight seasons - on DVD is beyond me.

And why people think Andy Dick is funny is also beyond me, and what I started to write about.

See, apparently, because he hasn't made a dent in Hollywood in a week, which is the lifespan of a comic these days (Hello George Lopez? 20 years of amazing standup turned into a bad TV show), Dick felt he needed to try to pull a Michael Richards, so he shouted nigger into a microphone at a comedy club.

Andy - I've watched Michael Richards. You're no Michael Richards. Hell, you can't even make the news in America for your blatant attempt to get publicity - even bad publicity. I had to pull this from the Canadian Broadcasting Company's website while looking for Terrance & Phillip news.

Comedian apologizes for repeating racial slur
Last Updated: Wednesday, December 6, 2006 | 11:05 AM ET
CBC Arts

Less than a month after comedian Michael Richards was caught in a racist tirade against black hecklers at an L.A. club, another white comedian has apologized for using the same racial slur.

Andy Dick issued an apology through his publicist on Tuesday after celebrity website TMZ.com — which posted video of the Richards incident — reported on the former NewsRadio star's impromptu appearance at a comedy club last weekend.

According to TMZ, Dick was heckling comedian Ian Bagg at L.A.'s Improv on Saturday. Dick suddenly jumped onstage, where the two men began discussing Richards.

Before leaving the stage, Dick suddenly grabbed the microphone and shouted the same racial slur Richards had used in an attempt to joke about the incident. The move provoked gasps from the audience, TMZ said.

"I chose to make a joke about a subject that is not funny," Dick said in his statement, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"In an attempt to make light of a serious subject, I have offended a lot of people, and I am sorry for my insensitivity."

If he'd only apologize for people calling him a comic, then the world would truly be a better place.

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