Benefits of dating a Geek

  • Your computer will be updated, repaired and cleaned, free of charge.
  • Your house gets networked - wirelessly - and securely.
  • Free labor on all computer hardware upgrades and repairs.
  • Usually free parts, too, from the extensive parts collection stored in computer boxes in the spare room (or is that just me?).
  • They say cops have the best dope ... geeks have the best software.
  • Eventually you'll understand the obscure pop-culture references in most office conversations.
  • Invites (and probably a paid entry) to all the coolest sci-fi, gaming and comic book conventions.
  • Infinite resource of technical information - yes, we know the right memory card for your camera, how many songs you can fit on your ipod and the binary hash of your cell phone.
  • High quality copies of your favorite movies, usually while they're still in the theater.
  • No chance of becoming a golf widow as we tend to avoid direct sunlight.
  • We're pretty good at the sex thing - we read the right books.


Kerry - ex geek dater said...

Works well for those of us who used to date said geek too...

Eric Broz said...

Hmmm - let's see ... in the 10 years since we dated ...

- your computer(s) updated - check
- house networked wireless - check
- free labor - check
- free parts - check
- software - check (all registered, of course)
- pop culture refs? You were already good at that.
- invites - check
- tech resource - check
- movies - check
- golf widow - meh
- sex? I'd never kiss and tell.