Ironic? Or just petty?

So on the heels of my "I'm a Good Friend, I'm a bad Boyfriend" entry, I see where someone doubts that. That's fine. I'm mature enough to realize everyone has different opinions based on their individual lot in life. But let's consider the source before we accept that statement as fact, shall we?

For this individual to say "you're not a good friend either." ... is very funny.

For many reasons.

So I'm going to drop the fourth wall here and direct this right at the source:

First, I see you're still unable to tell me, directly, what's on your mind. Isn't that the main reason things went downhill for us the first time? Oh, yeah, that is exactly the root cause. Back then, though, it wasn't petty little comments on myspace - the place where high school never ends and you never have to mature - it was you talking to your friends about things I'd do or say you didn't like, or understand, rather than telling me about it.

Let's face facts: Who can change what I do or say? Your 'friends' or me? Exactly.

Like your other 'friend' ... this is just another example of how you love to scream out loud in hushed tones to selected individuals, then feel frustrated, confused and hurt when the general public, and the party your specific outburst is addressed at, doesn't understand you or your position - because you don't tell them, directly.

After ranting about me in a blog that's only available to your friends, (unlike me, who leaves it open for you or anyone to read), you then add - in bold print so it stands out - "you're not a good friend either" at the end of your general interests block on your myspace profile.

I have no desire to read your blog. I don't care what you call me. It won't hurt me anymore.

But I do have one question for you based on your 'public' statement:

Who the fuck are you to judge me as a friend?

Didn't you say you loved me too much to be friends?

Yes, you did.

Since you're not a friend, you're not qualified to judge me as a friend.

And what's sad is you never will be qualified, or a friend.

(That sound you hear now is me, closing the book that was you, and us, and putting it up on shelf, tucked in a box, where it shall not be opened again. Goodbye.)

"I guess there's more to learning life
Than competing for good grades."

~ Janine Stoll

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