Happy 1st Day of Winter

Ways a Geek Prepares for Winter
  1. In space there are no seasons.
  2. Switches over to his cold weather Linux distro.
  3. Hastens plans to complete weather control device.
  4. Apply for that job at the call center in steamy Bangalore.
  5. Put computer outside for extra cooling.
  6. Stores his nuts in an old AT form factor case.
  7. Increases caffeine intake to stave off hibernation instinct.
  8. Turns up monitor brightness to avoid winter depression.
  9. Apply an extra layer of tin foil on the basement walls.
  10. McGyver a solar heater out of AOL CDs and a cpu water cooling kit to cut down on heating costs.
  11. Dresses in layers of t-shirts to fight the cold.

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