Let Saddam Dangle - a song

(An original Eric Broz parody of the Elvis Costello song "Let Him Dangle" from the massively underrated album "Spike")

Let Saddam Dangle
(Sung to the tune of "Let Him Dangle" by Elvis Costello)

Saddam turned on the gas, said "I kill Kurds like this"
Most Iraqis still don't know today just why he did it
Captured in a spider hole just outside of Tikrit
Sentenced to die by an Iraqi judge who wouldn't take his shit
Let him dangle
Let him dangle

Saddam would not surrender even while under arrest
He told the Iraqi judge he was still the President
The judge said sit down, man, you've got nothing to say
You're gonna die by hanging before the sun makes it day
Let him dangle
Let him dangle

Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of his own kind
Women raped, children gassed, he never seemed to mind
Though guilty was the verdict, and he knew he'd end up dead
He said "Lets live in peace" - yeah, that's what he said
Let him dangle
Let him dangle

Well it was hard to imagine how his world did change
He went from living in a palace to living in a cage
He killed so many people he lost sense of the crime
And his countrymen said let's not waste any time
Let him dangle

Not many people thought that Saddam would hang
But the word never came, the phone never rang
Outside the Green Zone the world watched on TV
For the pictures - the proof - the body they wanted to see
Let him dangle

Charged with killing 148 in cold blooded murder
Bring "back the noose" was the cry that was heard
They told him he would hang and he still did disbelieve
He killed his friends and enemies there's no one left to grieve
Let him dangle
Let him dangle
(String him up)

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