Aaron Tashjian Solo

So I'm remiss in the midst of my ranting today because I forgot to mention I went to Seattle's in Wooster on Saturday for a night of three great singer-songwriters doing an acoustic showcase.

Seattle's is a great place in the middle of nowhere (Hello Wooster!) with good beer, good coffee and Sami who will serve you both!

Saturday night was Aaron Tashjian (of Swig Tooth / Semi-Precious Weapons); Matt Hoover (The Peachbones); and Russ Fink, a friend of Aaron's and a native of Polk, Ohio.

The night was a singer/songwriter round-robin, as Aaron would play a few songs, Matthew would play a few songs, Russ would play a few (with Aaron accompanying him on guitar and backing vocals); apply, lather, rinse, repeat for about three hours.

Aaron Tashjian is one of those artists that I could (and actually have) listened to for days on end. Matthew Hoover solo acoustic is right up there, and I really enjoyed Russ as well. Aaron also covered a couple of Tim Easton songs ("Next To You" and "Sitting On Top Of The World") as well as a host of his amazing genius.

Photos are posted here ... here's a bit of a tease for you!




Matthew Hoover will be back at Seattle's on January 5th with the Peachbones in an acoustic showcase; Aaron is opening for The Receiver on January 20th, at the Ravari Room in Columbus (with Mark Nye playing the upright bass); check Russ's MySpace page for dates and times in your area, as I can't surf MySpace at work.

And in the words of Aaron Tashjian - remember, "the last great hope to save rock 'n' roll ain't some barbie doll on a stripper pole" [Streets of Galilee - it's on his myspace page. Check it out.]

And I do know all the words to his first CD! (And second, and his band, and his other band, all the other stuff too, except for some of the new songs I just got on CD Saturday)

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