Things you missed

What you missed at Oldfield's on High, Thursday, May 18th

(after the sound guy decided to show up for work and the music started)

I didn't miss it.

Kara didn't miss it.

And lucky for you, my camera didn't miss.

Much. (More on that at the end).

Here is Craig Lyons opening the show.

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(He's in color in real life)

Here is my favorite ever picture I've taken of Aaron from Swig Tooth. Yes, he rocks that hard. And that intense.

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Here's Chris from Swig Tooth Yes. He rocks that cool.

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And finally, from Swig Tooth, we have Dan, who is both intense, and cool, because like me, loves him some female Canadian singer-songwriters.

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And for the record, I'd have a picture of Mark Nye, the coolest bassist this side of Aimee Mann (but not as cute), to add to this blog, but my camera refused to take a picture of him because he drinks $1.50 Yuengling -- on draft, no less -- in a bar around the corner from his new residence in NYC, whereas I have to violate intrerstate commerce laws like Jerry Reed in Smokey & The Bandit and smuggle it by the case from Pennsylvania when I want to enjoy the product of America's oldest brewery.

Or because the batteries in my camera died. I'm not sure.

Logically, I believe it's the latter.

In my heart, however, being a photographer, and being in touch with my equipment (which is different than touching my equipment, which I do often, but that's my business) ... anyway ... being a photographer, and being in touch with my camera, my camera knows how I feel about the beer issue, and therefore did the former and refused to record a digital image of Mark Nye and his $1.50 Yuengling draft on demand swilling, bass-pounding, face-rocking self.


But according to the battery charger, they were depleted.

Like uranium.

So they're charging for tomorrow's show in Youngstown, where faces will be rocked in the two-time muder capital of the country.

And if you're there ... I'll buy you a beer.

But not a Yuengling.

Because it's still Ohio.

But Wednesday, the 24th, at the Brillo Box, in Pittsburgh, when Swig Tooth rocks the three rivers, I'll buy you a Yuengling.

And I'll have me a few too.


Or, as they say in Pittsburgh, boo-yinz.

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