Greatest. Show. Ever.

So that picture of me ... there on the right? That's the old me.

The new me, or I should say, the new us, is tired.

We are tired physically.

We are tired mentally.

(Hey, what's with this "we" crap?)

Um, my face, and my body, have been, quite literally, rocked in half by the most amazing Swig Tooth show I've ever seen. There were moments where the crowd singing their songs back to them was louder than the band.

There were times when I thought Dan Crean on drums was going to break through the floor.

There were times when I thought Chris Skrobot - who, by the way, is my mother fucking hero this week - was going to spontaneously combust.

There were times when I thought Mark Nye was going to split his bass in two by pounding on it.

And there were many times when Aaron Tashjian realized, like his Wilco-adpated addendum to "Clutter" that music is his savior. He was named by rock and roll.

Because, like the Wilco addendum, everyone in the Treehouse on May 26, 2006, for the Swig Tooth show, was maimed by rock and roll.

Pieces out. (that's a literal take on Peace Out since I've been rocked in half.)

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