Bruce - Shut Up and Sing.

I've posted now 16 days in a row.

Yay me.

(Yeah, whatever).

I'm sick.

I'm tired.

I'm drugged (NyQuil, we love you, you great big fucking Q).

Daily Show is a repeat.

I'm sure Colbert is too.

So tonight Bruce Springsteen played in Columbus. This is the first tour I've had zero interest in seeing.



Three reasons.

1. Shut up and sing. I can forgive you for supporting John Kerry. I can forgive you for dissing Reagan. And Bush 1 and 2. But move on. Shut up and sing. Your leftest agenda didn't work in 2004. Sorry 'bout that. Shut up and sing.


2. The new album - a tribute to Pete Seeger. I understand. I just don't like it. And the band? I have no desire to see the whole 16-member band on stage. Or hear them.


3. $92.50 plus TicketBastard fees? And pavilion only? Fuck that. That, to me, is 18 to 22 shows of bands that need money. That need support. That need fans. Good for you for being able to charge that. And good for for not caring if you sell out the show. As for me and my $100 (ticket, fee, parking) ... I'll give it to bands who like you once did, are struggling like hell to make it in the world. I have the money for your ticket, I'd just rather support 18-22 headliners and another 36-44 opening and middle acts who need the money, exposure, and fans.


Oh, and I did some more updates on my website ... click here to see it, and some other Craig Lyons video, a couple of Swig Tooth (Autumn Under Echoes) videos. And cool pictures. And other stuff.


I see Klaus coming. The coma is imminent.

This has not been spell-checked for your protection. Deal with it.


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