It's All About Me. Really.

100 101 Random Things about Me (after the addition suggested by Brian).
  1. I'm 5'10" tall.
  2. Was a toe head as a child. My hair is now a dark brown flecked with grey.
  3. My eyes are green. My eyes used to be blue.
  4. Married. Twice.
  5. Divorced. Twice.
  6. Met my first wife when we were both 14.
  7. She was the first girl I ever did more than kiss (but not everything).
  8. I saw my first real live reach-out-and-touch-them boobs (hers, obviously) while watching "Planet of the Apes" on the WKBN Money Movie with Rich Morgan.
  9. We broke up after the summer was over.
  10. I didn't see her again for five years.
  11. We got back together via postal mail in 1986.
  12. She was in Norway.
  13. We were face to face again in December 30, 1987.
  14. We got married in March 28, 1988.
  15. We were 19.
  16. We were married for 11 years, but only together for 11 months. It's a long story.
  17. I met my second wife when I was 27.
  18. We dated for four months and broke up.
  19. We got back together 18 months later.
  20. We dated for four months and broke up.
  21. We got back together four months later.
  22. Our daughter was born a month after that.
  23. We got married 14 months later, August 20, 1999, and a less than a week after my divorce was final, August 15, 1999.
  24. We divorced in 2004.
  25. She's one of my best friends today.
  26. She loves animals and has always had pets. I have allergies.
  27. Cats interest and annoy me, at the same time. They fascinate and repulse me. A quandary, no?
  28. I love dogs. Outside dogs. Big outside dogs. Like labs.
  29. Babies love me. I'm like a bit cartoon character or something. I make them smile.
  30. Clean baby toes in cotton socks and shoes, in about an hour or two, will smell like salt & vinegar potato chips.
  31. I have issues in the kitchen.
  32. I'm an excellent toast chef and I make a mean bowl of cereal, too, and I can make cheese-eggs in the microwave.
  33. I love to read.
  34. My reading material, lately, has not been my choice (school, certification exams).
  35. I'm not as geeky as people think, yet I'm geekier than most people realize.
  36. I like to read my porn rather than watch it.
  37. I like to write. But not porn.
  38. I used to write songs. Not poems. Songs.
  39. I have zero musical ability though.
  40. I tried cigarettes once, in 4th grade. Hated it.
  41. My best friend in 4th grade was the weirdest kid I ever met.
  42. He collected urine in 2 liter bottles. And stole the cigarettes we smoked.
  43. I attended nine schools in 13 years.
  44. After I got out of the military I lived in the Virgin Islands.
  45. I drank a lot when I lived there.
  46. I smoked a few things there, too. And enjoyed it.
  47. Haven't smoked anything since I left the Caribbean though. I don't miss it.
  48. All I wanted to be growing up was a newspaper reporter.
  49. I hated being a newspaper reporter.
  50. I loved being a bartender, but I hate drunk people.
  51. I used to work on my own cars. I know the Ford straight-six quite well.
  52. I love to drive. For hours. For any reason at all.
  53. I like my chosen career (Technical Support) but hate my present job.
  54. But I won't have to worry about it after June 30th. It's being eliminated.
  55. I have a plan I'm following quite well to deal with that.
  56. I live in an apartment.
  57. I have no desire to own a home.
  58. I don't want to be tied down to anywhere in particular.
  59. I think I'm a nomad at heart (explains #52 and #57).
  60. Every so often, when I get melancholy about my life, I remember that I've broken the sound barrier in a jet fighter. That makes me one of lucky ones.
  61. I've seen the moon and the stars during the afternoon at 85,000 feet.
  62. I've been in a free-fall stall in a jet fighter from 85,000 feet.
  63. A free-fall stall in a jet fighter from 85,000 feet is oddly quiet.
  64. And it's scary.
  65. And it's totally fucking exiting.
  66. I have an associates degree from a diploma mill tech school.
  67. I'm currently working on my bachelor's degree from a private business school.
  68. I will finish it.
  69. I like to take things apart for fun.
  70. I've gotten better at putting things back together.
  71. I download movies and music and porn and study material and television shows via bit torrent.
  72. I want to learn Linux. For fun.
  73. I have two sisters. One older, one younger.
  74. They are as different as night and day.
  75. I have two nieces and one nephew.
  76. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  77. I liked the old KFC Cole Slaw much better.
  78. My daughter means the world to me.
  79. I miss being in the sun.
  80. I want to work nights again so my days are free.
  81. I have read the bible twice, yet I still have my doubts.
  82. However, I tend to be attracted to very spiritual and religious people.
  83. War is a necessary evil.
  84. I have little caveman feet.
  85. Music is my motivation, my relaxation and my fulcrum.
  86. Good lyrics make me cry.
  87. Like a lot of people I struggle with money.
  88. Lost my virginity at 18. To a girl I should have married. On the 2nd anniversary of our first date. In a cheap motel. In Warren, Ohio.
  89. I would love to own my own used CD store. Like High Fidelity.
  90. People either love or hate my honesty. I don't care.
  91. I love coffee. Don't ask how many cups ... ask how many pots.
  92. The easiest way to start an argument is to tell people you voted for President Bush. Twice.
  93. Even if you're questioning his leadership ability now in your own head.
  94. If the pay were better I'd be a teacher.
  95. Modern horror movies suck.
  96. I have a very bizarre sense of humor.
  97. I probably could have been a touring comic. I have to explain too many of my jokes though.
  98. Dick jokes are over rated.
  99. Larry the Cable Guy is a genius but his comedy sucks.
  100. I actually came up with 100 things to write.
  101. Brian kissed me at Cinco de Mayo at Flannigans. And nobody who wanted to see it saw it.

30 things I dislike:

  1. Southern accents. I don't find them sexy, at all.
  2. Asian women.. I don't find them sexy, at all.
  3. Skinny women. I don't find them sexy, at all.
  4. Skinny Asian women with southern accents (granted, that's a small group).
  5. Unnaturally bright hair colors.
  6. Sweet tea, and people who add sugar to it.
  7. Tailgaters. I-270 isn't Talladega. You're not a NASCAR driver. Drafting is not required, or allowed. Back the fuck off.
  8. Formula-based radio stations.
  9. People who think Robin Williams is still funny.
  10. People who are perpetual victims.
  11. Talking on the phone, although I've gotten better.
  12. Sitcoms.
  13. People who talk in cliches.
  14. People who talk in cliches they don't understand.
  15. People who are afraid to think.
  16. People who tell me I write too much for them to read and remain interested.
  17. Close-minded people.
  18. Double-standards.
  19. People who gave up learning when they graduated high school.
  20. People who badmouth without offering suggestions to improve things.
  21. "Don't blame me I voted for" (the other candidate) bumper stickers.
  22. Labor unions.
  23. Bad spelling, bad grammar, and people who can't write complete words (unless you're Prince. And odds are, you're not. So stop with the u and ur and ic and shit like that. You're not cool. Or kool. Or even kewl. Learn English. Not ebonics. Not some lame-ass AOL talk.)
  24. Racists. It's easy to hate someone for their skin color or ethnic make up. Do what I do meet them, learn who they really are underneath their skin. Then hate them for who they are, not what they are.
  25. People who make fun of wrestling fans because "wrestling's fake." Oh, and the rest of the stuff on TV is real?
  26. Attention whores.
  27. Wiggers.
  28. Men who date attention whores.
  29. Women who date wiggers.

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