I am a shy & sexy lover

Apparently I'm a shy & sexy lover. Which is probably more than most of you want to know, care to know, or will ever find out ... but me being me, I'm sharing my results ... (test taken on tickle.com):

When it comes to sex appeal, you have it and you know it you just hold it back until you're more secure with the person of your affections. Were you nervous about the first day of school even though you knew you were smart enough to compete? Let's face it, you probably know what you're great at, it's just getting over that initial challenge of meeting someone new, getting used to them and warming up to a situation that gives people the impression you might be a little more tame than others. But look out. Because when you reach your comfort level, you're in the zone. Your lovers are the lucky ones because they're the only people who really know what lies beneath your timid exterior. You might blush or even shy away when someone you're attracted to approaches you in public. But get you behind closed doors, perhaps with some soothing music or a little shoulder rub to relax you, and you're ready to unleash your true sexual powers. And saving your sexy side for those fortunate few draws them to you that much more. You may be shy, but you know how to hook and reel them in.

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