Every So Often ...

Every so often you meet that person ...

That no matter what state of mind you're in, they can make you laugh.

Thanks Dave.

I needed a laugh like I got from your first email (I'll address the second one later):
"1.33 credit hours. They are a bunch of cock sucking, monkey fuckers. What they hell did they think you were going to do, accept that?"
Cock sucking monkey fuckers just replaced lying whores as my phrase of rage.

Every so often you meet that person ...

That no matter what's on your mind, they make it easier.

Thanks Kerry.

For everything.

I don't have enough room, time, energy or desire to spill that many secrets.

Or list all the things I've learned from you.

Because of you.

You know.

I know.

You know I know.

That's what matters.

Every so often you meet that person ...

Who absolutely surprises you and restores your faith in people younger than you.

Thanks Nikki.

Every time I see some dumb-ass mid-20's idiot with the world at their fingertips pissing it away and whining about how tough they have it, I think about all the shit you've been through, and how you just keep going.

And that helps me on days like today.

And I always remember that yes, I am unique. Just like everyone else.

And you know it's all because you listened to Social Distortion before they were cool again.

(Well, not really. Really it's because you just keep going. I refined that in me because of you.)

Every so often you meet that person ...

Who you know you can call on, anytime, and they'll help keep you balanced.

Thanks Jason.

For having that outlook on life that there are things that are important. And they never go away.

And that there are things worth taking chances for.

And people.

Every so often you meet that person ... or persons ...

Who makes you realize that while you don't fit in with society's norms, you're okay being you.

Being different.

Because they're different.

And wouldn't change it to be a conformist.

Thanks Lauren.

And Brian.

But it's not every so often you meet that person ...

Who can do all of that.

But I have. Thanks Kara.

(DISCLAIMER: This blog brought to you by my emotions.

Because I've had a pretty shitty day.

And a pretty shitty week.

And on top of everything else, I just found out a friend of mine died.

Sue Biscella was one of those people who you either loved or hated. I did both. And she loved and hated me, too.

Sue had cancer.

It was terminal.

Then again, in the words of Drew Hastings, life itself is just a pre-cancerous condition.

And after being pissed, and afraid, she came to terms with things. I knew that. She and I had talked about it.

She died on the 15th. I didn't know that. That was Dave's second email. So thanks for letting me know. I wasn't aware.

Sue's been mentioned in the blog a couple of times, maybe not directly by name. She was actually the first person to leave a comment on my blog, and it was on my first ever blog.

Which was a very personal, very emotional, very loooooooog entry about an old girlfriend who died in a car crash while we were dating, and how that 12 years later it still impacted me.

Sue gave the realization that yes, I can write things that are easy to read, and fun to read, and serious to read, and interesting to read. And she showed me that yes, my words can impact others, in a good way. And yes, I should continue writing. If not for anyone else, than for me, because sometimes, in her words, spewing your guts all over the paper (and/or screen) gets things out of your head and lets the rest of the world see what's trapped in that massive brain. She was the teacher I made quit.

She was the teacher who I welcomed back after we figured out what the issue was.

She was the teacher who I turned in the "fluffler letter" to. And she was one of those people who was meant to be a teacher.

So yeah, maybe I'm rambling a bit in this blog. And maybe I'm name-checking some people.

So what.

Just letting them know they matter to me in a way I may not have said before.

Or in a way that I need to say again.

And if you're not name-checked right now, don't worry. I just couldn't think of anything uniquely interesting right now.

Because my brain is busy doing other things.

But despite the week I've had, it's not giving up.

Because, after all (inside joke that one person reading this will get in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1:)

"What does that solve?"


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