Nope, not a bad dream.

So I'm wondering what my Hollywood ending would be this week if life were a movie, because this hasn't been my week.

And what a day I've had, today.

And I'm ready to say fuck it. And give up, anyway.

But before I start ranting ... thanks Lauren for the reminder that I hadn't done a song of the day in quite a long time.

And I like your hair dark & curly like it was last night. It looked good.

Now on to my rant:

In addition to getting the official word I'll be unemployed at the end of June, it appears this leg of my pursuit of a bachelor's degree has crashed and burned as well.

And my educational career at Franklin is done.

After seeing that my transfer credits from my associate's degee were, to say the least, miniscule (see yesterday's blog), this morning I called Franklin hoping to talk to someone about why of the 100 credit hours I had, only 1.33 transferred over.

So I traded voice mails with a Student Services Assistant all morning.

And after I got tired of that, I called back and became a prick (I can hear what you're saying, "Wow? You? A prick?" Yeah, I can do it if I need/want/have to.) and demanded to speak with someone.

So they eventually find someone.

And after telling her of my dilemma, she pulls my stuff up on the computer.

She looks at it.

She shuffles some papers.

She takes in a breath and says, "Um, yeah. That's all we could do for your degree program."

So I ask her about the 'Franklin looks at what you have and then suggests what will be your most likely path to obtain your degree quickly' speech I got when I asked about seeing what could transfer to the best of my advantage so I can get the most for what I've already paid for.

She says, "I'm not sure who told you that."

Me: "That was (another SSA)."

Her: "Oh. We can do that, but we didn't on yours. We only looked at what your declared major was."

Me: "Well, I didn't think I had declared a major pending the credit evaluation."

Her: "No. We show you as looking at Healthcare Information Technology. But we can re-evaluate you for another program, but that will take another two to four weeks."

Me: "So should I bother? Should I go to class tomorrow?"

Her: "Well, that's up to you."

Me: "Am I wasting my time here? I don't want to start over as a freshman when I have 119 credit hours earned."

Her: "Well, ITT is not an accredited school so I don't really know what we'll be able to transfer for you to any of our programs."

Me: "So basically, I'm out of luck?"

Her: (no answer)

Me: "Okay."

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