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Since kara so named us "wearethatfuckingcool, inc." due to our kick-ass ability to land front row at general admission shows of Wilco (words here, photos here) and Gomez (words here, photos here) and our insane desire to stalk bands you've not heard of before (here, here and here) ... we're extending open invites to the following events in and around the areas Eric has lived for the past 10 years:

Whereas Swig Tooth is touring the Midwest;

And whereas they rock faces off for a living, as well as for fun and to alleviate boredom;

Herefore, then, bitches, is the deal:

I'm going to four shows in nine days. Kara is with me on three of them because she has to work ... and the last time we went to Youngstown for a show (Clarks/Watershed) the pissy attitude of residents of the Mahoning Valley created a tense environment she wasn't used to. But really, she has to work on Friday. Dammit.

YOU ... that's right, you ... and I see you through your monitor ... look at me and believe me when I say this:

YOU are invited to all of the following:

Thursday, May 18th
Oldfield's on High in Columbus, Ohio

Friday, May 19th at Barley's in Youngstown (formerly the Plaza Cafe, 21 Federal Street).

Also on the bill that night is Craig Lyons

Why Youngstown? Because Craig and
Mark, like me, those classic Chevy Vans that featured the shining wizard painted on the side panels, greek-fried chicken and lots of the finest American steel, were all made in the Mahoning Valley in the late 60's/early 70's.

Thursday, May 24th at the Brillobox in Pittsburgh (that's up 'rahnd Bloomfield for yinz who know. 'Mon up da sthrip 'n' git sum redskin potatoes an a burger at Tassaro's 'fore da show.) AUE is opening for two other bands, so get there early for the face-rocking. Like 8:30. 'n' nat.

Saturday, May 26th at Andyman's Treehouse - the Mother of all Columbus Rock Shows (not counting CommieFest) as far as I care, because three of my favorite local bands are on the same bill. That's right, it's an Eric Rock Festival. And you're invited to see the following:

So I ask ... Who's with me?

By the way .... death (your own, before 5/18/2006) is the only accepted excuse to not make at least one show.

Got it?


See ya there.

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