Evil Genius Idea #894

Thursday after we returned from the face rocking in Pittsburgh by Autumn Under Echoes, the lovely Kara and I headed to Adobe Gila's for some face-rocking cover band named Rockhouse.

In the latest, and final, incarnation, Rockhouse was comprised of Matt Massey, Chris Skrobot and Mark Nye. (Yep, that Chris Skrobot and Mark Nye, both of the X-Rated Cowboys and Autumn Under Echoes).

As we left, after having some incredibly overprices, under alcoholized and horribly tasting beverages, we were talking about how since Friday afternoon's Rockhouse performance at the Dam Jam 2006 was the last show, ever, for these three as Rockhouse.

And that we should somehow memorialize that event.

And Evil Genius Idea Number 894 was born.

I bounced it off Kara.

She said, "That's truly evil genius. We must do it."

Friday morning we woke up and got moving. We headed out to get the necessary supplies.

After sufficiently stocking up, we headed to the casa de kara to create.

And we created.

And it was genius.

Evil genius.

Pure evil genius.

At such a level we could not stop laughing.

All day long.

We drove over to Shawnee Hills and showed up at Dam Jam, albeit looking a bit out of sorts. Kara looked the more normal of the two of us, as she was wearing her nearly always present zipped up hoodie.

Me ... however ... I looked like a homicide bomber looking for a crowded marketplace. (Sorry, all you politically correct people. Suicide is a solitary act. You kill yourself. When you take out others wearing a homemade bomb or some other device, you are a homicide bomber. You've killed others.)

I was wearing jean shorts ... shoes ... and a zipped up jacket.

Two sizes too big.

And it was hot.

And I was looking uncomfortable.

So uncomfortable, in fact, I was half-suspecting that the Dublin police in attendance would approach me and ask me to open the jacket.

That's how bizarre I looked.

So we got there, had an overpriced soft drink because I hate to drink beer out of cans or plastic bottles.

We met up with Mark and talked for about an hour. Our jackets never left the fully zipped position.

And Mark, Kara and I had our usually stimulating conversations about life, stupid people and their entertainment value. We rehashed some of the Autumn Under Echoes songs, performances and road stories and laughed at the band on stage and their pathetic performance.

Matt and Chris soon joined as we stood there discussing the pathetic nature of electronic drums ... as the band had such a drum kit.


So they (thankfully and finally) finished and headed off the stage.

Rockhouse got things setup and got ready to rock. Kara and I took our required position in the front and center of the stage, because WeAreThatFuckingCool, Inc.

Rockhouse opened up with "Undone" by Weezer.

And then went into a Stone Temple Pilots song.

It was time to make our move.

We turned our backs to the stage.

We took our jackets off.

We showed our t-shirts.

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When Mark saw the shirts ... he started laughing in mid-lyric.

Yep, we broke up a singer, on stage, in mid-line.

When Matt saw the shirts ... he laughed out loud.

When Chris saw the shirts ... he laughed out loud.

Shaking his head at the evil genius that is us.

I have to say that my half of the idea was to make Rockhouse shirts. After all, why not make a t-shirt for a cover band that has announced its final performance, ever?

Then Kara said we have to put R.I.P. on the shirt.

See how our evil genius-ness feeds off each other?

Throughout the night, several people we never met before commented on the shirts, both at the Dam Jam and Andyman's Treehouse.

Because we kept the shirts on for the X-Rated Cowboys / Autumn Under Echoes / The Whiles show at Andyman's Treehouse.

As Dan from Autumn Under Echoes entered, the first words out of his mouth were "I heard about that shirts. That's genius."


Because, after all, WeAreThatFuckingCool.


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