Things not to miss

By the time we got to the X-Men III Sneak Preview ... it was, in the words of the Teletubbies, all full up. So to quote Carlito ... that's not cool.

But I'll pull a Stephen Colbert and review the movie based on the trailer - Oh, they wanna cure mutants? Cool. Cure the homeless and unemployed, too.
Oh well. That sounded funnier in my head. Really.

So I'm spending my Tuesday night home. Studying for my Server-Plus test I'm taking Friday.
Because the rest of my week is busy.

I'm on vacation.

So rather than sit home and enjoy the weather, I'm going to Pittsburgh Wednesday to get my face rocked off.

And I'll be back in Columbus Thursday to get my face cover-band-rocked-off.

And I'll get an early start to my weekend on Friday getting my face again cover-band-rocked-off.

Before getting it demolished on Friday, late.

Here's the musical lineup for the rest of the week. Join me. Kara will be there. Others have said they will show. It'll be fun.


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