Those who forget history ...

For years, Cleveland and New Jersey have been the butt of most jokes about America.

New Jersey just took the lead.

The New Jersey legislature has passed a proposal that - if the governor signs into law - would lift a mandate in their school system that requires teachers to teach students about Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.

Apparently, the lessons learned on the battlefield and the heroic sacrifices of those who founded, defended and protected this nation - as well as those who continue to do so - have been forgotten by those who sit in the statehouse in Trenton.

Trenton ... boy ... that rings a bell in my brain.

Oh yeah ... December 26, 1776, when General George Washington crossed the Delaware River, marched 2,500 troops for nine hours through ice and snow, and with frozen, barely-functional muskets, won the Battle of Trenton in forty-five minutes against professional German soldiers hired by the Brits. What many call the turning point in the Revolutionary War - the first real solid defeat of the enemy by the fledgling Army of the Republic.

But apparently, 237 years later, that's not worth remembering - or passing on to future generations.

Because those who forget history ... are doomed to repeat it.

Perhaps my friends in Manhattan are right.

Fuck New Jersey.

More info (on the legislation, not on fucking New Jersey) can be found here.

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