Those crazy French!

You gotta love European socialism.

Well, not really. But we'll have it here, in America, now that the Democrats are in power in Congress. (No eye rolling - this is not a US government being dumb rant - the Democrats won ... and to the victor go the spoils. This is, however, a France government being dumb rant.)

Apparently, feeding the homeless, at a soup kitchen, in France, is not as easy as having compassion enough to care, a kitchen big enough for cooking pots of soup, and the people and place settings to feed your fellow human who needs a warm meal.

Now you have to be politically correct - and serve food that doesn't offend.

Straight up serious, yo.

The French government has closed numerous soup kitchens for serving pork-based soup on the grounds those helping take care of the hungry are - intentionally - serving pork soup so they can feed homeless people of European heritage - not the homeless from France's growing (5 million+) Muslim and shrinking Jewish populations.

Because Jews and Muslims don't eat pork.

Because pigs are dirty.

Then again, what should we expect from the French? They're all about taking care of their fellow man. As comedian Will Durst said back when East and West Germany got back together, "The French went out an planted trees along all the major roads to Paris so the next invading German army can march in the shade."

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