This * is * my life.

So I'm waiting to hear from an old friend who's in town on business - so I figure I'll go get something to eat.

She's in Boardman ... so I figure, darn, I'll go to Boardman, too. Good eats in Boardman.

So I remember it's been a while since I've had Panera.


And it's cold. So I figure a nice breadbowl with chicken noodle soup will hit the spot.

Now if you know me - you know what I want and what I get are usually worlds apart. Not that I'm not happy with what I get - but often, it's not what I wanted - not my first choice.

And if you know me - you 've heard me say, often, "I get nothin."

Witness that which is, so richly, my life:

I wait in line for 10 minutes. I order.

They're out of breadbowls.

And they're out of chicken noodle soup.

Oh well ... like the movie says, "Always have a Plan B, Dave."

Fuji Apple Chicken Salad - no dressing.

Whole grain baguette.

They're out of whole grain.

Okay, since I settled for salad instead of soup, I suppose I'll settle for sourdough.

They're out of sourdough.


Panera is out of bread.

Yep, that's my life. I get nothin'.

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