I've had some bad dates ... but

I thought I had some dating horror stories until I read this:

To sum it up ... a father in Jordan shot and killed his 17-year-old daughter in what's called an honor killing because he doubted she was a virgin - despite two different medical exams when she was alive confirming she was a virgin.

The girl - who was medically declared a virgin by two different sets of doctors - was shot four times in the heads.

An autopsy revealed she was still a virgin.

Now remember, this is Jordan (that's in the middle east where crazy fundamentalist Arabs are in charge, not like the US, where crazy fundamentalist Christians are in charge). And apparently, about 20 women a year are killed for things ranging from premarital sex to simply going on a date.

The punishment - up to 15 years in jail - and a hero's welcome upon release for keeping your family honorable. But that's up from the prior sentence of 6 months in jail.

I thought I had some bad dates ... at least no one I ever dated was killed simply for going out with me.


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