They're Dead, Jim.

Okay ... I know it's Elvis's Birthday today. Well, it would have been. Had he not died. And I don't care if you saw him at a gas station, or pancake house. I don't care that the Enquirer and the Weekly World News see him weekly.

Elvis is dead.

And it's time to let the dead be dead. Or, for us to admit they're dead and leave them the fuck alone.

Here's why I say that:

Yep, Saddam, who's still dead, can rest in peace because won't be put on trial, while dead, for killing people, who are still dead.

Yep, Diana, who's still dead, can't rest in the numerous pieces she's in from being cut out of a car, and then cut up in an autopsy, because the British media and the father of Dodi Fayed won't allow them to stay dead. They want to blame someone. Fayed says the queen's husband, Prince Phillip, is to blame for concocting a death plot to kill Diana and Dodi.


It really makes no diffeerence ... it's not like any court in England is going to put Prince Philip on trial. Or extradite him to France for the trail. Fayed's rich, but he's not that rich.

And it won't bring either of them back to life.


They're dead, Jim.

Along with Elvis.

And Tupac. Who keeps putting out albums. But Biggie doesn't. He just haunts South Park.

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