The joys of Apartment Living

I'm listening to my neighbors fight.


They're an interesting pair.

Early 20's ... and act like it.

Two nights ago the hallway reeked of whatever they were smoking.

I will admit it was better than whatever the people on the 2nd floor cooked about a month ago. Damn, that shit was bad.

They're always partying.

Lots of people in and out.

I can't hear them because I'm on the 3rd floor, they live on the 1st.

The bad cookers insulate me from the sounds.

I wouldn't care what they do, honestly, except there's a kid involved. Not sure if he's hers or theirs ... but he's always getting yelled at. I hear him cry from time time. He's about four, so that could be for any number of reasons, but I feel for the midget growing up in that environment.

Oh, wait, maybe it's not my neighbors fighting. It's just some kids playing.

Never mind.

That's okay ... I'm sure they'll be fighting later.

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