Weekend wrapup

Weekend continued:

  • Woke up with Kara (yay!) ...
  • In a puddle of drool (mine) because my nose was totally and completely stuffed up (boo).
  • Got showered, dressed and headed up to Warren via Sharpsville, Pa.
  • Rocked out to Bullet Jones.
  • Rocked out to Autumn Under Echoes Swigtooth.
  • Discussed Autumn Under Echoes changing their name to Swigtooth with Kara.
  • Rocked out some more.
  • Went to a 90th birthay party for my mom's father. I hope I'm as spry at 80 as he is at 90. Man, he had a blast. Pictures to follow.
  • Had Buena Vista Chicken.
  • Kara also had Buena Vista Chicken.
  • Kara wants Warren to move to Columbus just for its cool restaurants (Brother's Subs, Buena Vista Chicken, Sunrise Pizza, etc.)
  • Saw my mom and all four of my mom's siblings.
  • Hung out with my cool cousin Tim and his wife Amber and their son Joshua. They live in Texas. I'm visiting them in September.
  • Hung out with my cool uncle from Arizona and his wife Bonnie. Going to hang out with them in September, too.
  • Hung out with my two sisters and their other halfs (Mimi and Ron, the hippies, and Juli and Jimmy, the non-hippies).
  • Hung out with mom's cool friends and caught up on old times and shit like that.
  • Introduced Kara to damn near everyone on my mom's side of the family. And she didn't dump me.
  • Watched a bunch of kids have fun on a playground full of playground equipment.
  • Took a shitload of pictures and video.
  • Took Cammi, Jess and Gage back home and surprised Patti and Adam with Buena Vista Chicken. Yum.
  • Got some Dunkin' Donuts coffee.
  • Got some Brother's Italian Subs.
  • Headed home to Columbus
  • Did a rough count of people coming to the Birthday Bash at On The Border at Easton tomorrow
  • Got home at 11 p.m.
  • Read a great email from Patty Lynn thanking me for coming to her show. How cool is that?
  • Blogged this in 12 minutes.
  • Going the hell to sleep.
  • Peace out.

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